GM Auto Trak 2 Fluid Equivalent: 2 Choices You Must Try

Are you looking for equivalent options to the GM Auto Trak 2 Fluid? If yes, this article is for you!

Valvoline and Royal Purple are 2 popular choices that many GM owners recommend. But whether or not these alternatives are safe for use in your vehicle instead of the Auto Trak 2?

In this article, I will review these products in terms of prominent features and their pros & cons for your decision.

I’m sure after 4 minutes of reading; you can pick the right oil for your vehicle. 

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GM Auto Trak 2 Fluid Equivalent

Note: Before we dive into the alternatives for GM Auto Trak 2 Fluid, it is important to note that if your GM vehicle is still under warranty, you should only use the OEM fluid to avoid any potential warranty issues.

That being said, below are some alternative transmission fluids that can be used as an equivalent to the GM Auto Trak 2 fluid. 

Valvoline Transfer Case Fluid (TCF)

Valvoline Transfer Case Fluid (TCF)

Valvoline is a famous oil manufacturer making high-quality lubricants for over 150 years. Valvoline Transfer Case Fluid is a good product that many GM owners tried when looking for an equivalent option to the OEM fluid – Auto Trak 2 fluid. According to Valvoline, their product can be substituted for the fluid that is used in the GM Auto Trak 2 system. Let’s see some prominent features and benefits of this product.

Enhanced Protection

Valvoline Transfer Case Fluid is developed with advanced additives to protect against harmful deposits and corrosion. This enhances overall performance and helps the transfer case last longer. Also, this helps extend fluid change intervals and less maintenance cost. You, therefore, can save money in the long run. 

Protect During Extreme Operating Conditions

Valvoline Transfer Case Fluid is designed to protect the vehicle in a wide range of temperatures. This ensures that the transfer case remains protected under all weather conditions. More so, the fluid is suitable for use in extreme operating conditions like off-road or heavy load. 

Prevent Leak

Another prominent feature of this fluid is the High-performing conditioners. Valvoline claims this helps protect the seal and prevent the TFC from leaking. 

Enhanced performance

The enhanced formula of Valvoline Transfer Case Fluid also contributes to the transfer case’s performance improvement. It offers smoother shifting and reduces friction, which can result in better fuel economy. 

  • Designed to work with a wide range of vehicles
  • Provides excellent protection against wear and tear, rust, and corrosion, 
  • Protects from extreme temperatures and harsh operating conditions
  • Helps in smooth shifting
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Low price makes it an excellent choice
  • Non-OEM Fluid
  • Sometimes causes noise and accelerated wear and tear

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Valvoline Transfer Case Fluid Vs. GM Auto Trak 2 Fluid

Valvoline Transfer Case Fluid

ACDelco GM Auto-Trak II Transfer Case Fluid

Both the Valvoline Multi-Vehicle Transfer Case Fluid and the GM Auto Trak 2 Fluid protect against wear and tear, reduce the cost of maintenance, and help your vehicle use less gas. These are all things that you can see for yourself when you compare the two fluids. Having said that, there are a few key distinctions to consider.

It is possible that the Valvoline Multi-Vehicle Transfer Case Fluid and the GM Auto Trak 2 fluid, made specifically for GM vehicles, do not have the same level of compatibility. If you use the wrong fluid, you could damage the transfer case and other components. Also, the GM Auto Trak 2 fluid is made to work well even when conditions are tougher, such as when temperatures are high, and loads are high.

On the other hand, Valvoline Multi-Vehicle Transfer Case Fluid is often more affordable than GM Auto Trak 2 fluid, and its compatibility with a wide range of vehicles makes it a convenient choice for those who own multiple types of vehicles.

Royal Purple Synchromax

Royal Purple Synchromax

The Royal Purple Synchromax transmission fluid is a well-known product that has amassed a lot of attention from people who own vehicles as well as enthusiasts. According to Royal Purple, this transmission fluid can be used as a replacement for Auto-Trak II

Suppose you are looking for a high-performance transmission fluid that can provide improved protection and performance compared to traditional fluids. In that case, you should take into consideration Royal Purple Synchromax, and the following reasons will explain why:

Exceptional Protection And Performance

Royal Purple Synchromax is designed to reduce friction and wear, ensuring smooth shifting and maximum power transfer. Furthermore, the fluid is resistant to oxidation and thermal breakdown. This ensures consistent performance over time.

Improved Fuel Efficiency

Another great feature of this Royal Purple fluid is its fuel economy. The lubricant is formulated with a special formulation that reduces friction. This results in improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.

Increased service life

Synchromax is designed to endure high loads and temperatures, which helps your transmission last longer. Moreover, with advanced anti-wear additives, the fluid ensures long-lasting protection against wear and tear. 

  • Provides superior protection against wear, corrosion, and oxidation
  • Maintains its properties at a wide range of temperatures
  • Suitable for use in both manual transmissions and transaxles
  • Prevents leak
  • Higher cost
  • Limited availability
  • Not ideal for all driving conditions

Royal Purple Synchromax Vs. GM Auto Trak 2 Fluid

Royal Purple Synchromax Transfluid

GM Auto Trak 2 Fluid

Yes, the GM Auto Trak 2 Fluid and Royal Purple Synchromax both share the same goal of easing the shifting process while also preventing wear and tear on the transmission. But are you sure you want to proceed without knowing whether or not it will have a negative effect?

Even though Royal Purple Synchromax and GM Auto Trak can both do the same thing, they are made to work with different kinds of transmissions. Royal Purple Synchromax is a high-quality transmission fluid that can be used in high-performance manual transmissions. GM Auto Trak Fluid, on the other hand, is made for automatic transmissions.

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These are some of the most viable alternatives to GM Auto Trak 2 Fluid that are available. When compared to the GM Auto Trak 2 Fluid, these are significantly more affordable.

I would recommend any of them, but because it can be used on a variety of vehicles, Valvoline Transfer Case Fluid stands out as the superior product among the two (you can also read the advantages). Additionally, the fact that Valvoline has been manufacturing transfer fluids for such a significant amount of time makes them a reliable brand.

If you have experience with either of the two options, you are welcome to share your thoughts about them in the comment section.

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