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GM 88861800 Equivalent: 3 Safe Choices You Must Try

Ryan McCain8 min read

GM 88861800 fluid is a type of automatic transmission fluid designed for General Motors vehicles. However, due to the specific properties and unique formulation, the fluid is quite expensive and…


GM Auto Trak 2 Fluid Equivalent: 2 Choices You Must Try

Ryan McCain6 min read

Are you looking for equivalent options to the GM Auto Trak 2 Fluid? If yes, this article is for you! Valvoline and Royal Purple are 2 popular choices that many…

4l60e transmission fluid capacity and type

4L60E Transmission Fluid Capacity And Type

Ryan McCain7 min read

How much transmission fluid does a 4l60e hold? What transmission fluid does it take? The 4L60E can hold approximately 12 quarts of transmission fluid (dry).The recommended transmission fluids used for…

Dexos oil equivalent

Dexos Approved Oil Lists [Dexos 1, Dexos 2, Dexos D]

Ryan McCain7 min read

Do you own a vehicle from General Motors? Then you must have come across Dexos oil as it is the one recommended for all their engines.  You may be wondering…