Oil Filter


K&N Oil Filter or Mobil 1: Deciphering the Ultimate Pick

Ahmad7 min read

Oil Filters are real heroes in terms of their job to maintain your vehicle’s health. They work by controlling contaminants like dirt and debris and preventing them from reaching engine…

Purolator oil filter review

Purolator Oil Filter Review

Ryan McCain8 min read

When it comes to oil maintenance, many car owner often overlooked the oil filter. However, filters are cheap but engines are expensive. Every time you change your oil, you should…

Honda recon oil capacity aand oil type

[2005-2022] Honda Recon Oil Capacity, Oil Type & Filter

Ryan McCain6 min read

Have you ever wondered what the oil capacity is for a Honda Recon? Or what type of oil to use in it? And maybe even how to buy the right…

K&N Air Filter Oil Substitute

Should I Use K&N Air Filter Oil Substitute?

Ryan McCain6 min read

Have you ever used dishwashing detergent to clean and motor oil or WD40 to oil the K&N air filter? Then you wonder if they are safe to use? If you…

Mobil1 high mileage vs extended performance vs advanced fuel comparison

Mobil 1 High Mileage Vs Extended Performance Vs Advanced Fuel Economy: A Gimmick Marketing?

Ryan McCain7 min read

Do you think that different engine oils offer any significant performance variation? Or is this simply a marketing gimmick by oil brands? To answer these questions, let’s take Mobil 1…