Ryan McCain

Ryan has got more than 15 years in the auto industry. Car was his first love and passion. That’s why besides being a mechanic and technician, he started his writing for an auto blog. He also loves making connections and friends in the automotive industry. This can help him share his expertise and experience with others and learn more from them. He spends his weekdays working for his garage and writing stories for oilsadvisor.com.

5w-30 Vs 10w-30

The most common motor oils used in modern engines are 10w-30 and 5w-30. However, many car owners do not know the difference between them.  In general, 5w-30 oil is best used for passenger […]

GL4 vs GL5

Choosing gear oil for your vehicle can be quite a challenging experience. Especially when you come across terms like GL4 and GL5, you do not have the slightest clue which is the best.

Lucas Vs Seafoam

Over time carbon and sludge accumulate within your engine and fuel system. This will clog your fuel system and lower engine performance. Fuel treatments are used to clean a vehicle’s fuel system and

BG 44K vs Seafoam

Seafoam and BG 44K are additives designed to clean and protect your car engine. But, they have different ingredients and are effective in their own ways. The question here is, BG 44K vs

Pennzoil Vs Castrol

Pennzoil or Castrol? It’s a question that has plagued many car owners for years. Some swear by Pennzoil, while others insist Castrol is the only way to go. So which is better? Well,

Pennzoil Vs Mobil 1

Pennzoil Vs Mobil 1: which is better? This question comes to many car owners when deciding on engine oil for their vehicles.  If you are in that case, then this article is for