List of Approved Oils Meeting VW 508 00 Standard

As a car owner, you know that it’s important to use the right kind of oil in order to keep your vehicle running smoothly. But each car manufacturer has their own requirements specified for their vehicles. I know this makes it more difficult to choose the right oil for your car. For instance,  the VW 508 00 standard is one of the requirements issued by Volkswagen. And only some oil brands can meet this standard.

If you’re looking for approved oils that meet VW 508 00, look no further than this list! Whether you find an affordable option or a high-end brand, you’re sure to find something that fits your needs.

What are VW 508 00 Oil Specs?

VW 508 00 is a specification issued and approved by Volkswagen (VW) for petrol engine vehicles with low consumption. The certificate refers to the latest low viscosity engine oil of 0W20 to reduce friction and guarantee fuel efficiency. For the best performance, the manufacturers recommend changing the oil two years or after 19,000 miles, whichever comes first. 

Even though the VW 508 00 standard applies to other subsidiary vehicles like Audi, Skoda, and Seat, it is not compatible with previous generations of VW oils. It is also essential to note that while VW 509 00 exists as a similar oil spec to VW 508 00, it only works for diesel engines.

vw 508 00 sticker under car hood
The sticker underneath the hood of your engine compartment shows the exact oil spec to use. In addition, your car manual specifies the correct viscosity you need to maintain less friction while running your engine.      

VW 508 00 Oil Equivalent

Tempting as it is to resort to oil equivalents in times of an emergency, it is dangerous for your engine and can significantly reduce the oil emission values. For instance, you might want to use previous generations like VW 502 00 or VW 504 00 for a VW 508 00 standard. While it seems logical, it would help if you stuck with oils that strictly meet the VW 508 00 standards; at least you get a warranty.

In addition, many good-quality oils fail to gain VW approval since their producers did not submit them for testing. As a result, VW cannot expressly give an attestation to avoid warranty problems. Unfortunately, there is no telling what specific engine parts that car manufacturers designed for thinner oils. Therefore, it is safe to stick to your car manual and use oils that are approved for VW 508 00,  avoiding ”recommended” for use with this standard. 

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VW 508 00 Approved Oil List

Here is the list of motor oils that meet VW 508 00 SAE 0W-20

BrandProduct NameViscosity GradeVW-Norm(en)
AddinolPremium 020 FESAE 0W-2050800/50900
ALPINEALPINE Longlife IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
AprilHyper Syn EuroSAE 0W-2050800/50900
AralSuperTronic LL IV FESAE 0W-2050800/50900
ArdecaSynth-ProSAE 0W-2050800/50900
AVENOProfessional LongLife IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
AviaDynetic-LL FESAE 0W-2050800/50900
AviaSynth PV-FESAE 0W-2050800/50900
BardahlXTEC FESAE 0W-2050800/50900
Car1Car1 LonglifeIVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
CastrolEDGE LL IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
CastrolEDGE Professional LL IV FESAE 0W-2050800/50900
CastrolEDGE Professional Longlife IV FESAE 0W-2050800/50900
CepsaXTAR 0W20 Eco V IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
ChampionOEM SPECIFIC LL FESAE 0W-2050800/50900
ChevronHavoline ProDS VBSAE 0W-2050800/50900
DBVSuper Longlife IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
De OliebronTor ExtendoSAE 0W-2050800/50900
Dr. StarkeDS Premium Longlife IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
Durand Production SASAréca F9508SAE 0W-2050800/50900
DZFully Syn Engine OilSAE 0W-2050800/50900
ElfEvolution Full-Tech VSXSAE 0W-2050800/50900
Enii-Sint tech VKSAE 0W-2050800/50900
ETGV+ SupremeSAE 0W-2050800/50900
EurolSyntence LVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
EurolubECO FE LL4SAE 0W-2050800/50900
FOSSERFOSSER Premium Longlife IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
FuchsPENTOSPEED SP IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
FuchsTITAN GT1 LONGLIFE IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
GalpFormula LS FE Longlife IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
HafaFreeway Premium 508/509SAE 0W-2050800/50900
IdemitsuV89SAE 0W-2050800/50900
IgolPROFIVESAE 0W-2050800/50900
JustarJustar J700USAE 0W-2050800/50900
Kroon-OilHelar FE LL-04SAE 0W-2050800/50900
KuttenkeulerTech Tronic LLVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
LeprinxolPro Synth LonglifeSAE 0W-2050800/50900
Liqui MolyTop Tec 6200SAE 0W-2050800/50900
LotosQuazar Dynamic 508/509SAE 0W-2050800/50900
LukoilGenesis Special VNSAE 0W-2050800/50900
masteroilc-tec power longlife IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
MegolMotorenoel Evolution LL IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
Millers OilsXF LonglifeSAE 0W-2050800/50900
MinervaTSV FESAE 0W-2050800/50900
Mobil1 ESP x2SAE 0W-2050800/50900
MOLDynamic gGold LonglifeSAE 0W-2050800/50900
MonzaMonza Longlife IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
MotorexConcept A-XLSAE 0W-2050800/50900
MotulExpert VSAE 0W-2050800/50900
MotulSpecific 508 00 509 00SAE 0W-2050800/50900
MPMMotor Oil Prem. Synth ESP-FESAE 0W-2050800/50900
MultivisECO VBSAE 0W-2050800/50900
NestePro+ W LL-IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
Oel-BrackMidland crypto-4SAE 0W-2050800/50900
OrlenPlatinum Pro LLSAE 0W-2050800/50900
OWSSynthosisSAE 0W-2050800/50900
PanolinZERO VLFSAE 0W-2050800/50900
PennasolLonglife IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
PentosinPENTOSPEED SP IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
Phi OilEquus FE Gold 0W20SAE 0W-2050800/50900
POWEREcotech Longlife IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
Power OilPower Oil Syntec Longlife IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
PROFI-CARPROFI-CAR ECO-DRIVE Longlife 4SAE 0W-2050800/50900
Q8Formula V BlueSAE 0W-2050800/50900
RavenolVSESAE 0W-2050800/50900
RepsolElite Evolution Eco VSAE 0W-2050800/50900
RepsolElite Fuel EconomySAE 0W-2050800/50900
repstarLonglife IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
RoweHightec Synth RS Longlife IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
SashFlagship EvolutionSAE 0W-2050800/50900
ShellHelix Ultra Professional AV-LSAE 0W-2050800/50900
Singapore PetroleumSynace EcomaxSAE 0W-2050800/50900
SinopecJustar J700USAE 0W-2050800/50900
SKZIC X9 FESAE 0W-2050800/50900
StartolCadon LLVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
Swd RheinolPrimus LLVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
TitanTITAN GT1 LONGLIFE IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
TotalQuartz INEO LonglifeSAE 0W-2050800/50900
Transnational BlendersMotor Oil Premium Synthetic WV89SAE 0W-2050800/50900
VALCOE-Protect 5.9SAE 0W-2050800/50900
ValvolineSynPower XL-IV C5SAE 0W-2050800/50900
ValvolineEuropean Vehicle Full SyntheticSAE 0W-2050800/50900
VeedolSintron Longlife IVSAE 0W-2050800/50900
Volkswagen Original TeileLongLife IV Fuel Economy MotorenölSAE 0W-2050800/50900
WolfOFFICIALTECH LL FESAE 0W-2050800/50900
YaccoLube WSAE 0W-2050800/50900

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As per Volkswagen’s recommendations, you should only use the VW certified motor oils in your car. You can find the oil code on a sticker by your engine panel. However, if you can’t find it and remain unsure, look for it in your car manual.

With the complete list of approved oils meeting VW 508 00 standard, I hope it will be much easy for you to choose the right oil for your VW.

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