List of Motor Oils with Chrysler Ms-6395 Certification

List of Motor Oils with Chrysler MS-6395 Certification

Ryan McCain8 min read

Do you drive a Chrysler, and your car needs motor oil that meets the highest quality standards? The MS-6395 approved motor oils should be on top of your mind as…

Nissan ns-2 and ns-3 alternatives

Nissan CVT Fluid NS 2, NS 3 Equivalent

Ryan McCain8 min read

Are there any good Nissan NS-2/NS-3 alternatives out there? Yes, you’d find a decent number of good fluids to replace the proprietary NS-2, NS-3 CVT fluids from many famous oil…

Power steering fluid coming out of reservoir cap: Causes & Solutions

Power steering fluid coming out of reservoir cap: Causes & Solutions

Ryan McCain9 min read

Is your power steering fluid coming out of reservoir cap? What could have caused it, and how can you fix that? The causes of this problem may come from the…

Sae 39 vs 5w30 comparison

SAE 30 Vs 5w30: Underline The Difference

Ryan McCain6 min read

What are the differences between SAE 30 and 5W30 motor oils? Well, they look the same as each other, right? But, NO, these oils are different! For instance, SAE 30…

75w90 vs 75w140 comparison table

75w90 vs 75w140: Head-to-Head Comparison

Ryan McCain6 min read

Gear oil keeps your vehicle’s transmission, drive axles, and gears from malfunctioning during everyday use. In disparate conditions, your car requires different gear oil grades. For instance, you are driving…

Motorcraft coolant equivalent

Motorcraft Coolant Equivalent: [Orange & Premium Gold]

Ryan McCain11 min read

Are you looking for alternatives to Motorcraft coolant to use in your Ford? Should you use OEM-approved products or go with equivalent options? Usually, Ford recommends using OEM fluids from…

Gm 89021184 power steering fluid equivalent

What power steering fluid is compatible with 89021184?

Ryan McCain6 min read

It’s time to change power steering fluid for your GM. Your car requires PSF part number 89021184. Unfortunately, you can not find any lubricant compatible with this p/n.  You may…

Mobil1 high mileage vs extended performance vs advanced fuel comparison

Mobil 1 High Mileage Vs Extended Performance Vs Advanced Fuel Economy: A Gimmick Marketing?

Ryan McCain7 min read

Do you think that different engine oils offer any significant performance variation? Or is this simply a marketing gimmick by oil brands? To answer these questions, let’s take Mobil 1…

Honda ATF DW-1 Equivalent [Safe Alternatives To Use]

Honda ATF DW-1 Equivalent [Safe Alternatives To Use]

Ryan McCain7 min read

If you own an automatic transmission Honda car/truck, the odd is that your vehicle needs the Honda ATF DW-1. However, this high price and unavailability of this OEM fluid make…