Mercon Lv Equivalent: Licensed Options

Are you finding it difficult to get the right equivalent alternatives to the Motorcraft Mercon Lv Automatic Transmission fluid? If yes, trouble no more because you are in the right place. 

Mag 1, Valvoline, and Dexron are three safe and licensed products that can be substituted for the Mercon Lv Automatic Transmission Fluid. But which is the best pick?

In this article, I will analyze these three products in terms of prominent features and their pros & cons to help you make your choice.

After this 5-minute reading, I am certain you will choose the best transmission fluid for your vehicle.

Read on for the complete review, your wise selection, and purchase! 

Mercon Lv Equivalent

Dexron VI is Equivalent to Mercon Lv

Dexron Vi is the perfect equivalent to Mercon Lv. They are both of premium quality, offering the best lubrication to the transmission parts and having almost the same specs. There are many other facts that you might be curious about, and there are other alternatives discussed. Read on!

Note: Always check the compatibility of your vehicle with a product before purchasing because of factors like voltage and outlets; for products with electrical plugs.

Below are the top 3 choices:

Motorcraft Mercon LV ATF

Motorcraft Mercon LV ATF

The Motorcraft Mercon Lv is one of the most compatible fluids for vehicles with automatic transmission, including the ones that have their transmissions controlled electrically. It is originally manufactured by Ford Motorcraft, which licenses the name ‘Mercon Lv’ to other manufacturers. Although it is more expensive than the Valvoline and Mag 1 fluids, it has a lot of benefits that would make you overlook the price. One of the benefits of the Motorcraft Mercon is that it improves fuel economy by resisting oxidation and meets the viscosity requirements for vehicles with automatic transmission. Also, it helps your gears move smoothly.

Because this fluid protects the gearbox, you won’t have to pay as much for gearbox repair, which will likely happen in the future.

Let’s look at some other things this fluid is good for.

Temperature Protection

The Motocraft Mecron is formulated with hydro-processed base oils, high-performing additives and high-viscosity index. These components of the Motorcraft Mecron provide smoother shifting characteristics both in extremely high and low temperatures.

Good low-temperature fluid and excellent thermal and oxidation stability have been considered in the production of this fluid. As a result, the Motorcraft Mercon does not thicken in the transmission parts in cold temperatures.

Improves Friction and Prevents Wear

One of the purposes of using transmission fluids is to ensure lubrication of moving parts and thus improve the friction between these parts. The Motorcraft Mercon carries out this purpose perfectly. Aside from that, it provides the friction necessary to make your vehicle’s internal parts work. It also provides good hydraulic pressure.

The fluid protects your transmission parts from wear. And the formation of gum or foam in your transmission parts is not seen with the use of this fluid.

Prevents Corrosion

A lot of things like moisture and chemicals can act on your transmission parts and cause stuff like corrosion and rust. However, using the Motorcraft Mercon can help reduce the problem of rust and corrosion.

Prevents Rust of Transmission Parts

The Motorcraft fluid contains base oils and advanced additives that protect against any form of corrosion and rust of the transmission parts. This is a good feature that helps to extend your gear service life. Additionally, the fluid helps to maintain responsive shifts, enhance foam control and reduce the wear on gears, bearings, and bushings. 

  • Outstanding performance at all temperature 
  • Low-temperature performance and resistance against sludge and deposit formation
  • Extend the life-span of transmission parts
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Not suitable for use in vehicles where MERCON V, MERCON SP, FNR5 Automatic Transmission Fluid, Continuously Variable Chain Type 

Bonus: Mopar ZF 8&9 Speed ATF Equivalent

Valvoline Multi-Vehicle ATF

Valvoline Multi-Vehicle ATF

Valvoline, one of the best transmission fluid brands, has developed this multi-vehicle synthetic automatic transmission fluid that measures up with the Mercon Lv. It is cheaper in the market than Mercon Lv. But does a lower price mean less quality? Let’s see this product’s prominent features and make our stand below.

Improved Wear Performance

Developed with an anti-wear technology, this transmission fluid improves transmission durability and protects the transmission against wear and breakdown. 

Moreover, the elasticity of seals is maintained and preserved by high-performance seal conditioners. To prevent leakage in high mileage transmissions. 

Better Fuel Economy

The Valvoline multi-vehicle fluid also has advanced technology that reduces transmission drag and aids in better fuel economy. This would help you save money.

Outstanding Friction Modifier

The outstanding friction modification act that this fluid carries out is another important feature. This is possible because the Valvoline multi-vehicle automatic transmission fluid is formulated with long-life friction modifiers and full-synthetic base oils. These prominent ingredients help to prevent clutch wear, improve smooth shifting, improve drivability, and eliminate slippage and shudder. It does these longer and better than all conventional fluids. 

Improved Heat Resistance

Breakdown due to high temperature is prevented by using the Valvoline multi-vehicle fluid. The base oils and advanced additives, which are components of this fluid, provide greater film protection against high temperature. These same components supply a better flow of oil at low temperatures. 

So, what is the negative part?

Some users complain that the Valvoline multi-vehicle fluid is not suitable for GM vehicles. 

  • Helps to prevents leaks
  • Maintains smooth shifts
  • Boosts transmission performance
  • Contains enhanced cleaning additives that help to reduce varnish formation. 
  • The viscosity though low is not as low as that of Dexron VI

Mag 1 Low Viscosity Multi-Vehicle ATF

Mag 1 Low Viscosity Multi-Vehicle ATF

The Mag 1 multi-vehicle low-viscosity transmission fluid is specially developed with an impressive combination of advanced additive technology and full synthetic base stocks to ensure that the performance of the automatic transmissions is at its peak. 

It doesn’t just meet most automatic transmissions’ wear and friction requirements; it exceeds them. It has a price almost half the price of the Mercon Lv. 

Let’s see below the features of this fluid that make it qualify as an equivalent.

Superior Performance and Protection

The long-lasting performance and protection against Mag 1 multi-vehicle fluid wear are superior. It can withstand high-stress conditions as it delivers stable friction, allowing drivers to keep pushing their vehicles.

While it features FMX Technology (Friction Management for Xtreme protection against wears), it also features a strong oil film between metals of rotating parts that prevents their contact. The sheer stability is just as excellent also.

Yields Better Fuel Economy

Due to the low viscosity property of the Mag 1® Low Viscosity Multi-Vehicle Transmission fluid, a better fuel economy can be attained. This fluid is best described as having a balance of advanced formula utilizing superior additive technology, including anti-wear additives that help to reduce heat buildup, and having a 100% synthetic base oil.

Superior All-Weather Performance

The Mag 1 Low Viscosity Multi-Vehicle Transmission fluid boasts durability as it is able to resist thickening even during hot weather conditions. It delivers superior friction stability to maintain smooth and consistent shifting and prevent shudder.

Thus, this fluid is an excellent protector during high and low temperatures.

  • Protects the transmission parts and the engine
  • Reduces wear and can withstand stress
  • Affordable price
  • Helps to improve fuel economy
  • Not suitable for use in heavy-duty applications and high-performance or vehicles

Bonus: Toyota Type T-IV ATF Equivalent


You can never go wrong with the alternatives listed, as they are great options to be used instead of the Mercon LV. Of all of the alternatives above, I could recommend any, but the Motorcraft would be my best pick if asked to choose (check out its pros). It provides overall protection for your vehicle, and it is likened the most to the Mercon Lv. 

What about you? Which alternative would you choose?                     

Please share your experience with us in the comment box below!

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