Everything You Need to Know About ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil

ISO 32 hydraulic oil

ISO 32 hydraulic oil is an essential vehicle component to maintain the ideal viscosity level. This oil is specially used in machines and hydraulic systems. It follows certain standards the ISO sets for how thick and good it is. The “32” part tells us how it flows at different temperatures. ISO 32 works well with lots of machines, making them less likely to break. To understand why this oil matters, it’s important to know its different qualities, where it’s used, and how it compares to others. This oil is famous for flowing just right, staying stable when it’s hot, and working well with lots of machines. That’s why many industries use it to keep their machines running smoothly and stop them from wearing out. Let’s dig deeper into this!

Why ISO 32 Matters?

ISO 32 hydraulic oil is an excellent pick for many reasons. Its reliability shines across all sorts of equipment. ISO 32 hydraulic oil is widely used across various industries. It flows smoothly in machines, keeping them running steadily. Moreover, it handles high temperatures without losing power, making machines work reliably even in tough conditions. It works well with lots of different machines, preventing breakdowns and helping them last longer. This oil is a mix of special oils and extra things that shield machines from damage, prevent air bubbles, and make the oil last a long time. Together, these make it perfect for machines to work well and stay strong.


  • Manufacturing: It powers heavy machinery, such as presses and molds, ensuring smooth and precise operations in manufacturing processes.
  • Automotive: In automotive systems, ISO 32 facilitates the smooth functioning of hydraulic brakes, steering systems, and lifts, ensuring safety and precision.
  • Aerospace and Marine: It plays a vital role in aircraft and marine hydraulic systems, providing reliable power for landing gear, control surfaces, and various operational components.
  • Construction: ISO 32 oil is crucial for hydraulic systems in construction equipment like cranes, excavators, and bulldozers, enabling efficient and robust operations on construction sites.
  • Agriculture: ISO 32 hydraulic oil facilitates the efficient functioning of agricultural machinery like tractors, ensuring precise movements and optimal performance in farming activities.

Key Features

ISO 32 hydraulic oil boasts critical attributes that set it apart. Its optimal viscosity ensures smooth flow within hydraulic systems, guaranteeing consistent machinery performance across various temperatures. This stability, even under high temperatures, safeguards against breakdowns, ensuring reliable operations in demanding environments. Its compatibility with diverse machinery minimizes the risk of malfunctions. It helps the fluid to seamlessly integrate into different equipment types, which reduces downtime.

3 Top ISO 32 Hydraulic Oils

1. Mobil 1 – ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil

KLOTZ 2-Stroke Oil

Mobil 1 – ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil

This synthetic hydraulic oil is top-notch and stays strong even when it’s really hot. It works great for taking care of cars and trucks. It’s got a Grade 10 rating for how well it works with machines, and it’s ISO 32, which means it works better in different temperatures.

Price: $145.33 for 5 gallons (19% discount from $179.87)


  • Guards against wear from contaminants and higher temperatures.
  • Keeps viscosity under high temperatures, reducing operating costs.
  • Reduced Foaming: Ensures smooth and efficient operation.


  • Available in smaller 2.5-gallon volumes, it may not suit larger operations.
  • Online purchases may have delivery constraints for some locations.

2. Renewable Lubricants – ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil

KLOTZ 2-Stroke Oil

Bio-Ultimax Hydraulic Oil

Bio-Ultimax hydraulic oil is a biodegradable vegetable-based formula. This oil works as an excellent eco-friendly alternative to mineral fluids. It’s designed for efficient performance in hydraulic systems, boasting high resistance to moisture and rust in both freshwater and seawater environments.


  • Effective performance in hydraulic systems
  • High resistance to moisture and rust
  • Exceptional anti-wear properties


  • Relatively higher initial cost.
  • Shipping expenses could be substantial for some locations.

3. MAG 1 00325 AW ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil – 5 Gallon

KLOTZ 2-Stroke Oil

AW ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil

AW 1SO 32 MAG 1’s hydraulic oil is formulated for increased uptime. It is suitable for cost reduction and enhanced productivity. The oil provides 5,000 hours of oxidation stability and is designed for high-pressure industrial and mobile equipment hydraulic systems.


  • Formulated to improve uptime and productivity.
  • Provides 5,000 hours of oxidation stability, suitable for demanding conditions.
  • They are designed for high-pressure industrial and mobile equipment.


  • Lack of specified price might pose challenges in budget planning.
  • Availability may be difficult.

Comparison Table

ProductBrandLiquid VolumePricePrice per GallonKey FeaturesApplicationScore out of 10
Bio-Ultimax 1000Renewable Lubricants5 Gallons$287.78$57.56Biodegradable, high resistance to moisture and rust, exceptional anti-wear performanceMobile and stationary hydraulic systems, vane, piston, and gear-type pumps8
MAG 1 00325 AWMAG 15 Gallons$98.86$19.77Increased uptime, oxidation stabilityFor high-pressure industrial and mobile equipment7.5
Mobil DTE 24Mobil 15 Gallons$130.57$26.11Premium quality, high oxidation stabilitySuitable for auto & truck maintenance8

Purchasing Guide

When buying ISO 32 hydraulic oil, start by understanding what your machines need and the conditions they work in. Look for oils made by companies known for quality. Check if the oil matches your machinery and has the right thickness. Some oils add extra things, so see if those might help your machines work better. Compare prices from different sellers, but remember to think about how much you need. Also, consider the environment and choose oils that are good for it. Ask how to dispose of old oil properly. Lastly, check what other people say about the oil you’re thinking of buying. By considering these things, you can pick the best ISO 32 oil for your machines, ensuring they run smoothly for a long time.

Tips for Proper Handling

  • Close oil containers tightly to stop dirt or water from spoiling the oil.
  • Wear safety gear, like gloves and goggles, when handling the oil.
  • Only mix oils if the maker says it is okay. Otherwise, keep them separate.
  • Store the oil in a cool, dry spot away from sunlight to keep it fresh.
  • Use clean equipment just for the oil to avoid mixing it with other things.

Supercharge Your Machinery Now!

Now that you are familiar with the incredible capabilities of ISO 32 hydraulic oil for your vehicle. You must be planning to utilize this powerhouse that not only maintains but also amplifies your machine abilities. When you integrate this oil, you are not just ensuring smooth operation but also extending the lifespan of your machinery. Take this opportunity to grab ISO 32 oil complete potential, allowing your machinery to perform at its absolute best.


Is ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil Safe For All Types of Seals?

It’s generally compatible with common seal materials, but consult manufacturer recommendations for specific seal compatibility.

Is ISO 32 Oil Suitable For Use In Mobile Hydraulic Systems?

Yes, lots of times, it’s used in different mobile hydraulic systems because it can work in many ways and different situations.

Does the Brand of ISO 32 Oil Matter?

Trusted brands often ensure quality but always verify specifications and compatibility. Do proper research based on real-time data to make informed decisions.

What Temperatures can ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil Endure?

ISO 32 hydraulic oil is robust and capable of enduring a range of temperatures, spanning from as low as -10°F to approximately 95-100°F.

Which ISO 32 Hydraulic Oil is best for Heavy Trucks?

Mobil DTE 24 ISO 32 is often regarded as a top choice for heavy trucks due to its high quality and suitability for auto and truck maintenance.

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