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Ever wondered what keeps your car engine running smoothly for longer? In the hustle of daily driving, one key aspect mostly overlooked is the health of your engine. This is where Microgard steps in. Have you ever faced the frustration of engine troubles or worry about your engine’s life? Oil filter is an effective solution. It might seem tiny, but its role is enormous in ensuring your engine’s longevity and top-notch performance. Understanding the importance of these filters reveals the secret to a healthier and long-lasting engine. Let’s explore it in detail.

Microgard Filter Insights

Microgard Filters showcase a blend of advanced engineering and diverse filter media, offering tailored solutions for various engine demands. Their precision in thread sizes, anti-drain back valve inclusion, and compatibility with different accessories ensure top performance. Backed by stellar customer reviews, these filters stand as reliable and efficient choices. Incorporating anti-drain back valves in some of the Microgard Filters speaks volumes about their advanced design. Furthermore, their easy compatibility with various engine accessories like air filters, cabin air filters, and fuel filter/water separators enhances their versatility and trustworthiness across diverse engine systems.

How Microgard Filters Work?

Microgard filters function as an essential component within an engine’s lubrication system. As the engine operates, the oil circulates through these filters, where their specially designed materials, like cellulose or microglass, capture and remove contaminants from the oil. This process ensures the engine receives clean oil, safeguarding its components from harmful particles and preserving optimal performance. The filters’ precision design and various media options enable them to trap debris effectively. It ensures only clean oil flows through the engine, promoting its longevity and efficiency.

Where to Use?

  1. Automotive Industry: Ensuring clean oil and air maintain engines in top condition is vital.
  2. Industrial Machinery: Helps keep machineryfree from contaminants, ensuring optimal performance.
  3. Marine Sector: Used to safeguard marine vessel engines, offering reliable filtration for prolonged efficiency.
  4. Agriculture: Used for protecting agricultural machinery engines, ensuring consistent performance.
  5. Power Generation: Utilized in power generation systems, keeping engines free from contaminants for reliable operation.

Types of Microgard Filters

Microgard offers an extensive range of filters specifically designed to cater to a broad spectrum of engine requirements. These filters include various types, such as oil filters, crafted to eliminate impurities from engine oil, thus safeguarding its quality and preserving the moving components of the engine. Microgard also offers air filters. They are engineered to purify the air entering the engine. It helps by preventing detrimental dirt and debris from causing harm to sensitive parts.

Fuel filters are dedicated to straining contaminants from the fuel supply. This is done before it reaches the engine, ensuring optimal engine performance. The brand also manufactures cabin air filters designed to clean the air within a vehicle’s cabin. They efficiently trap dust, pollen, and other pollutants, contributing to a healthier interior environment. Moreover, the filters serve in engine ventilation systems to filter out impurities from the airflow, maintaining the cleanliness and efficiency of the engine.

Top 3 Variants Available

1.    MGL57526

KLOTZ 2-Stroke Oil


This Microgard cartridge-style oil filter, about 5-7/16 inches tall, uses synthetic material to protect your engine during regular driving. It is ideal for typical oil changes, trapping dirt effectively, and maintaining engine performance.


  • Suitable for regular oil change intervals.
  • Simple installation process.


·         Lack of certain additional features like an anti-drainback valve or bypass valve.

2.  MGL51630

KLOTZ 2-Stroke Oil


Designed with a metal canister, this filter caters to daily use in cars and light trucks. MGL51630 oil filter is intended for regular oil changes using conventional oil to extend the lifespan of most vehicles. It adheres to original equipment (OE) filtration standards, safeguarding the engine against debris and contamination, ensuring consistent performance, and simple installation.


  • Offers engine protection under typical driving scenarios.


  • Can’t fit heavy trucks.

3.  MGL57078

KLOTZ 2-Stroke Oil


This cartridge-style oil filter is 4-9/16 inches in height. It doesn’t include a bypass valve, removal nut, or anti-drain back valve. However, it does come with a gasket or seal. The filter uses cellulose as its filter media and is recommended for conventional oil changes every 3,000 to 5,000 miles for regular driving conditions.


  • Provides good engine protection for normal driving conditions.
  • Includes a gasket or seal for easy installation.


  • Limited to conventional oil change intervals of 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Comparison Table

SpecificationsHeight (in)Filter MediaSuitable forBypass ValveRemoval NutAnti-Drainback ValveScore – out of 10
MGL57526About 5-7/16 inchesSyntheticRegular oil change intervalsNoNoNo7
MGL516302-3/4 inchesCelluloseDaily use in cars and light trucksNoNoNo6
MGL570784-9/16 inchesCelluloseRegular driving conditionsNoNoNo6

Alternate Options

When considering alternative oil filter options, Premium Guard, WIX, and Bosch stand out. Premium Guard filters are renowned for their quality build and broad compatibility, while WIX excels in superior filtration across diverse car models. Bosch filters, known for innovative design and advanced technology, ensure top-notch engine performance. Each presents unique features to cater to specific vehicle needs, requiring an assessment of individual vehicle requirements before making the ideal selection.

Users’ Reviews

Users often find MicroGard oil filters reliable and efficient due to their 95% efficiency in filtering particles and their compatibility with various car models. The inclusion of a gasket adds convenience, preventing leaks and potential damage to the oil and engine. However, the absence of an anti-drain back valve might be a concern for some users as it lacks this additional protective feature. Despite this, MicroGard filters remain an affordable and trustworthy option for regular driving conditions, meeting the needs of budget-conscious consumers looking for quality filters.

Buying Tips

Here are some insightful tips to consider when opting for MicroGard oil filters:

  • Assess your vehicle’s make, model, and engine specifications. Ensure compatibility between the oil filter and your engine requirements.
  • While effective for general use, cellulose filters might not be suitable for harsh conditions. Synthetic or microglass filters offer better longevity and filtration in demanding situations.
  • MicroGard filters boast an efficiency rate of up to 95%, as per ISO 454812 standards. Understanding these ratings helps gauge the filter’s performance in trapping impurities.
  • Check the compatibility of filters with your vehicle’s make and model. MicroGard filters are suitable for car brands like Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and Volkswagen, among others.
  • The presence of a gasket or seal is crucial to prevent leaks. However, note that some filters might lack an anti-drain back valve, which prevents oil from draining back when the engine is off.
  • Ensure you use the filter under recommended conditions.

Revolutionize Your Engine Care

Maintaining your car engine’s health often hinges on choosing the right oil filter. MicroGard stands out by offering a diverse range of top-quality filters. Crafted with precision engineering, these filters are designed to optimize not only the engine’s overall performance but also its lifespan. By opting for MicroGard oil filters, you are taking a critical step toward safeguarding your engine’s health and ensuring enduring efficiency. These filters aren’t just about maintenance; they signify a revolution in how we preserve and enhance the functionality of our engines. Dive into the realm of suitable MicroGard oil filters to witness a revolution in engine care.

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